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What is Clearhead?

Your Wellbeing Assistant

"Clearhead" is your private wellbeing assistant who will help you with learning about your mental health. Available for free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Receive regular support and advice from your mobile phone or computer wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Free Mental Health Resources

We provide you with specific and helpful resources for a range of situations we can all find ourselves in. We offer links to relevant websites, information sheets, books, videos and local support services to help with a wide range of mental health situations. Whatever you need help with, you will find something of value within our app and website.

Find Therapists & Counsellors

Search through 100+ therapists and book available therapy appointments across NZ online. We have mental health professionals available both in an area near you and providing online consultations. From Psychologists to Counsellors, whether it is CBT or EMDR, we will connect you to the peoplewho can best help you.

My Personalised Wellbeing Plan

Understand how you can have better mental wellbeing, keep track of your mood, learn coping skills, change your negative thoughts and behaviour,and set personal goals to help you stay well. From managing anxiety, depression, or relationship problems, through to motivation, purpose and personal growth. We can help you take that next step.

How can we help with your mental wellbeing?

We provide ongoing support without judgement through smart technology and a wealth of helpful tools and resources. Find links to support networks and tools to help you manage your mental wellbeing.

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What our community say...

I can’t believe that the well-being assistant is not a real person. It picked up quite a few keywords that I would listen out for as a GP. Very slick interface. I will be sharing it with my patients.

- GP in Auckland

The Chatbot confirmed what I had suspected, but didn't want to face. I am now seeking therapy for the issues it raised.

- Clearhead User

Awesome website. I love the find help feature where you can see photos and read the bio of available therapists. So easy to search and you can even book therapy appointments online.

- GP in Wellington

I had never thought I would be using a tool like this one day. For a person like me that struggles to talk about how I feel, even just being able to write down things without fear of being judged is fantastic. Coming from the product management field, I'd like to add that the app is simple and intuitive. I love the attention put into UX so that the user is interested in coming back every day or week without feeling overwhelmed or bored. I love the dashboard and hope that more widgets will be added at some point. Great work to the whole team - keep it on.

- Clearhead User

Excellent site, I like how I can use tags to search for what I need. Very respectful and friendly chatbot.

- Clearhead User