Our vision is to help every New Zealander improve their wellbeing

We believe in solving hard but meaningful problems

In NZ, navigating the health system can be tricky. Do I need to see a doctor? When should I see a doctor? For most people seeking medical help, they often don't know where to start or are not comfortable with reaching out in person.

Our health system also cannot train enough health professionals to meet the true demand out there. That is why there are long wait times and certain groups of people have poorer health outcomes.

Clearhead is an online, one-stop-shop platform, designed by NZ doctors, that empowers New Zealanders to find the help they need. We do this by helping you understand your symptoms and providing personalised recommendations through our digital wellbeing assistant.

Clearhead enables preventive and proactive healthcare that is focused on wellbeing by introducing choice, convenience and control back to you.

We currently support you to understand your mental health status.

Our Core Values


A uniquely Māori principle that captures the idea of caring, supporting and uplifting others. Our platform takes a personalised approach to guide our users to get the help they need.


We work in partnership with our users and health professionals to design a platform that our users love. Delivering impact at scale through the communities we foster.

Inspire Excellence

We create a culture that empowers our people to take initiative and ownership to build a platform they are proud of and continuously improve upon.

Be Brave

We are purpose-driven and committed to achieving our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (Our Vision) in an innovative manner.