Put your employees’ mental health at the heart of your success

Clearhead provides business mental health support and EAP solutions for the modern workplace. With an integrated approach of digital resources, therapists and anonymised wellbeing data, you can allow staff to access help when they need it, transform your company culture and get the best from your people.

Are you looking to modernise your workplace wellbeing offering?

Put your employees’ mental health at the heart of your success


An EAP provider for the 21st century.

For you and your employees
A comprehensive EAP solution whenever you and your employee’s need mental health support.

For you
Insights that measure workplace wellbeing and enable positive culture change.

In NZ & Australia
Available throughout New Zealand and Australia, with further expansion in the near future. Contact us for more information.

An EAP provider for the 21st century.

What do employees get?

Best in class wellbeing support at their fingertips, available 24/7.

Learn coping techniques

Your employee's go on a personalised journey that helps to address their specific challenges and improve their wellbeing. Modern tools are designed in line with the latest developments in wellbeing science.

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Mindfulness
  • Learning design principles

Premium self-help library

Your employees get access to our ever-expanding library of mental health resources. Guides help with leadership, anxiety, sleep, financial security, stress, depression and much more!

  • Clearhead’s own videos podcasts and blogs
  • Relatable articles with lived experience and tips from professionals .

Escalate to meaningful support.

Clearhead’s intelligent wellbeing assistant can pick up signs that someone may need professional help. Support comes in two forms:

  • Therapy with a professional counsellor.
  • Appropriate crisis helplines for their specific challenge.

Modern and private therapy booking.

Employees can search Clearhead’s directory of 350+ therapists by location, speciality or other filters. Counselling or therapy sessions are available online or in person, and can be requested at the click of a button.

  • Secure and simple online booking system
  • Completely anonymous, with no fear of judgement
  • Specialising in clinical psychologists, career counselling and financial advisors.

Wellbeing data to inform corporate culture initiatives

Do away with unhelpful engagement surveys and gain deeper understanding on how to better support your corporate teams with powerful wellbeing data.


Percentage of employee’s that found the recommendations helpful for the mental health challenge’s they raised.

4.7 / 5

Average user rating for Clearhead counselling & therapy sessions..

Wellbeing data to inform corporate culture initiatives

Mental health support is a must have in the workplace.

Provide your employee’s with the wellbeing support they deserve.

How are we different?

Find out key areas to improve on that you would only pick up during an exit interview.

For HR leaders

Comprehensive data reports.

Wellbeing leadership resources

For employees

Accessible therapy bookings**

Wellbeing assistant*

Digital coping tools*

Resource library*



* Delivered through the browser, iOS app or Android app.

** Provides ability to view & browse over 350+ therapists, book based on real time availability within minutes. Supports phone line & email support too.


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