Keith Garrett

Keith Garrett


In Person Therapy Available



My early years were in management of various kinds mainly in the clothing industry 1992 to 2002 senior pastor of a church which developed my pastoral care skills and gave me a care and fascination with the human condition. 2002 completed Dip Drug & alcohol Studies at Weltec and started private practice 2016 Completed 3 years study in the Dip. Adult Psychotherapy through ANZAP. ( I have a thesis to complete) Continued to work in private practice which has been quite diverse including addictions, high level disorders through to EAP solution focussed work.



Client Type

women, men, elderly, couples, adults

Therapy Type

trauma therapy, relational counselling, psychodynamic psychotherapy, online therapy, mindfulness, existential, collaborative therapy, attachment theory


  • workplace issues

  • work-life balance

  • upbringing issues

  • trauma

  • abuse

  • affairs

  • substance abuse

  • stress

  • social anxiety

  • sexual intimacy

  • self esteem and confidence

  • religion and spirituality

  • relationship issues

  • psycho-social problems

  • professional development

  • post traumatic stress disorder (ptsd)

  • pornography addiction

  • personal development

  • performance anxiety

  • obsessive compulsive disorder (ocd)

  • motivation and purpose

  • mistrust

  • mental health disorder

  • mental health and wellbeing

  • loneliness and isolation

  • life changes

  • issues

  • insecurities

  • identity

  • harmful sexual behaviour

  • grief and loss

  • grief

  • goal setting

  • feeling stuck

  • emotional control

  • disenfranchised grief

  • disconnection

  • desire issues

  • depression

  • crisis management

  • coping issues

  • conflict management

  • chronic disease

  • childhood trauma

  • change and transition

  • career change

  • burnout

  • bullying

  • break up and divorce

  • behavioural issues

  • anger management

  • anxiety

  • alcohol or drug recovery

  • addiction

  • acceptance




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