Dr Carien Lubbe

Dr Carien Lubbe


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Dr Carien Lubbe IS NOT TAKING NEW CLIENTS AT THE MOMENT - Kindly email [email protected] I have been practicing psychology since 2000 and holds a special interest in supporting individuals who have faced various trauma in their lives. I use the modalities of both “bottom up” or body orientated psychotherapy, as well as top-down processing such as the traditional talk therapies, to process trauma-related responses. I am furthering my training in Somatic Experiencing, and particularly enjoy creative expressive modalities such as Sandplay therapy. In South Africa I was a professor in psychology for 14 years. I loved the training of the postgraduate students, served on the Board of Psychology, and was extensively involved on national and international level as researcher before immigrating to Aotearoa in 2016. Therapy excites me with its possibility that to foster hope, promote inner healing and enable a sense of enhanced well-being. I strive to create a safe, supportive and nurturing space where you can develop confidence in working with strong feelings and nervous system arousal, develop a sense of groundedness, presence and orientation; and develop a rich and healthy connection with your own feelings and needs.


PhD in Educational Psychology,Professor in Psychology | Registered with NZ Board for Psychology


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Humanistic Psychology, solution focused therapy, mindfulness, person centred therapy


  • emotional control

  • attachment issues

  • grief and loss

  • sexual abuse

  • trauma

  • anxiety

  • depression


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