Dione Davies

Dione Davies

Art Therapist | Counsellor | Clinical Supervisor

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Online Therapy


You're overwhelmed and not functioning in your life the way you want to. You know something needs to change and you want to do it but its SO SCARY. You don't even know what's going on or how you got here. Maybe it's depression? Is it anxiety? Does your childhood have anything to do with it? It's all too much. But it's time. That's why I'm here. Together we can figure out what's going on, see what needs to change and take all those baby steps together. I will never push you to do anything you aren't ready to do. Clients tell me I'm easy to talk to and they feel safe with me. They say they got to know me from the videos on my website and I'm just the same in person -well - online really, lol. I see all my clients online - like on zoom, but I'm a google fangirl so I use google meet (don't worry, I'll talk you through it). I'm an art therapist and a counsellor. I'm also a single mother. I'm a grandmother. I sew, I journal, I love adventures. I'm a real person living a real life full of ups and downs. And I'm ready to support you, so book a free intro session to meet me and ask all the questions! If you're still reading this far down then you must really be interested! Excellent! Go to my website www.aftertherain.co.nz and find out more about me - that'll help you make a decision about if I'm the right counsellor for you. I really hope I get to meet you soon!


Masters in Arts Therapy (MAAT(clin)),Bachelors in Counselling (BASS(couns))


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art therapy, online therapy, person centred therapy


  • depression

  • anxiety

  • sexual abuse


Free Introductory session to answer any questions



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