Lize Ligthelm

Lize Ligthelm


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In my work with clients, I offer a compassionate and non-judgemental space to explore and understand how past experiences and relationships may be shaping current feelings, behaviour and patterns that feel stuck. I feel passionate about working with a client towards connecting with their real self. Trauma, negative life experiences and problematic early relationships all contribute to our real selves sometimes going "into hiding". The real self holds the key to creativity, an ability to connect, given and receive love, feel safe within oneself and others as well as cope effectively with life challenges. I work primarily from a psychodynamic and psychoanalytic perspective, but integrate other modalities such as mindfulness-based approaches and cognitive behavioural therapy depending on individual client needs.


Masters in Clinical Psychology (Honours) | Member of New Zealand Psychologists Board | Member of New Zealand Psychological Association


Client Type

adolescents, adults

Therapy Type

psychodynamic psychotherapy, attachment theory, trauma therapy


  • addiction

  • anxiety

  • body image and eating disorders

  • depression

  • life changes

  • personal development

  • personality disorder

  • relationship issues

  • self esteem and confidence


Individuals Standard Session (50 minutes)



Funding Options

acc, ACC Sensitive Claims