Michelle Lu

Michelle Lu


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Online Therapy


Kia ora, welcome, and 你好! Psychotherapy is a commitment between two individuals to sit together in a space filled with history. I enjoy providing a sensitive, confidential, connective space for clients. If you are grappling with issues or experiencing various impact of COVID lockdown, relationships, or physical symptoms of stress, entering a therapeutic space can support you. I have a good understanding of work pressure, the some what impossible illusion of work life balance, perfectionistic burnout, passion vs reality, and challenging relational dynamics between colleagues. My work and relational psychotherapy training with a variety of clients. Entering a therapeutic space can support you in greater self discovery, building emotional capacity, and understanding the complexities of relational patterns. If you're looking to start with me, I encourage you to reach out through email. To start this soulful exploration together takes commitment, courage, and some curiosity. The impetus for change starts with you. My psychotherapy practise is based in Birkenhead and/or online.


Master of Psychotherapy (Clinical Studies Completed)



Client Type


Therapy Type

Relational Psychotherapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, person centred therapy


  • work-life balance

  • social anxiety

  • upbringing issues

  • relationship issues

  • personal development

  • motivation and purpose

  • migrant adjustment

  • life changes

  • cross-cultural difficulties

  • chronic disease

  • change and transition

  • burnout





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