Naomi Pears-Scown

Naomi Pears-Scown

Art Therapist

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Emphasising the creative process over the end product. Compassion, self-expression, and reflection as tools for healing. A space for presence, grounding, and growth. Arts therapy sessions are held in my beautiful, bush-surrounded studio in Orewa. You might begin a session knowing exactly what you’d like to work with and talk about, or you might not. You might have an idea or issue that you’d like to explore, or maybe you don’t. It might have taken all the energy you have to just show up. However you arrive, I’m here with you, to guide and collaborate and hold this space for you. I will not be making any diagnoses or interpretations based on the art that you make, or how you make it. This is a space and opportunity for you to explore, pause, reflect, be curious, and to make your own meaning of what might come up. Our time together is confidential, respectful, and collaborative. Arts Therapy is for people who would like to use creativity, along with other tools, to increase their ability to cope with challenges. Sometimes people enter Arts Therapy when traditional talk-based therapies have not worked for them, or when they want to explore their creativity as a tool for healing in their lives. Feedback from clients I have worked with have found my approach helpful in relaxing them and helping them feel grounded, making them feel safe in their bodies, giving them space to process their pain and trauma, and engaging them in an activity that is both fun and freeing. I am passionate about supporting people to access their innate creativity and improve their wellbeing. My personalised approach is trauma-informed, strengths-based, mindful, and person-centred. My style and personality is gentle, sensitive, grounded, and compassionate. I like to work in a client-led way, and provide prompts and materials as a starting point to help anchor clients and honour their experiences. I implement a broad range of interventions that integrate several therapeutic areas at the same time such as visual arts making, writing, mindfulness, sensory work, storytelling, talking, play-therapy, movement, and mindfulness.


BA (Social Anthropology & Religious Studies),MAAT (Clin) (Hons),AThR


Client Type

adolescents, children, adults

Therapy Type

art therapy, mindfulness, person centred therapy, strength based therapy, trauma therapy


  • anxiety

  • body image and eating disorders

  • communication skills

  • grief

  • self harm

  • stress

  • trauma

  • abuse

  • attachment issues

  • autism

  • child behaviour and development

  • disability

  • depression

  • grief and loss

  • mental health disorder

  • personal development

  • self esteem and confidence

  • sexual abuse

  • religion and spirituality

  • post traumatic stress disorder (ptsd)

  • identity


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