Nickei Falconer

Nickei Falconer

Counsellor | Psychotherapist | Clinical Supervisor

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Nickei is an experienced, friendly counsellor and has been practicing since 1992. She enjoys working with people to help them make the positive changes in their life so that they live more authentically and sustainably, and shine with the joy and confidence of doing so. Nickei’s counselling practice is called LifeWorks, as she knows life can work and be enjoyable. She loves supporting people to identify and enlist the right supports and actions for themselves. Nickei is skilled and highly experienced at working with a wide variety of people and the problems they present with. Prior to training as a psychotherapist, Nickei worked in regional and national management roles; she is experienced in working with workplace issues, in understanding the challenges managers face, and in working with teams of people. She specialises in working with issues of anxiety, stress and burnout. Nickei works with adolescents, adults, and also with groups.



Client Type

adults, groups

Therapy Type

gestalt therapy, person centred therapy, narrative therapy


  • anxiety

  • burnout

  • stress


one hour session



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