Nivedita  Sharma Vij

Nivedita Sharma Vij

Clinical Supervisor | Life Coach | Art Therapist

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adultsbody image and eating disorderschronic diseaseacceptance and commitment therapy (act)cognitive behavioural therapy (cbt)

I am a trained and accredited health professional with 24 years of work experience (Overseas and NZ), person centric care is the core of all I do in my professional life. My experience and practice does not consider any boundaries between Physical , Mental, Intellectual and Spiritual Health. One can not enjoy wellness and let a person have experience the quality of life without another. I am Lead Clinical Health Coach for one of the lead DHB. I believe that people are expert in their own health and wellbeing and we as consultant/ Coaches /Health providers are there to be the support system and help they may need to navigate through their own lifecircle and health, psychosocial,fiscal and environmental system to achieve what really matters to them in their lives. I am looking forward to working with you, learn and share each other's expertise 😊 I am a trained dietitian from India and practicing as Registered Nutritionist NZ and ACFED accredited Practitioner (Silver) supporting people struggling with Body shame, image and with Eating Disorders. Currently working at DHB as Lead Clinical Health Coach where coaching and mentoring the person centric workforce and also volunteering and governance for a few charitable organisations. Proceedings from our consultations and charges are donated to support these community based organisations. Let's have a purposeful korero towards our mahi together.


Post Graduate in Nutrition and Dietetics, ACFED accredited Practioner (Silver) Eating Disorder essential and FACT training, Master Trainer Chronic Diesease management, Diabetes Management


Hindi, Punjabi , Urdu


Obsessive compulsive disorder (ocd)


Self esteem and confidence

Loneliness and isolation

Communication skills

Goal setting

Chronic disease


Body image and eating disorders






Art therapy


Online therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy (cbt)

Acceptance and commitment therapy (act)


Body imaging and Eating disorders


60 minutes

Health and wellbeing Coaching


60 minutes

Diet and Nutriton Consultation


60 minutes

Self care, esteem and self-management


60 minutes

Connecting the DOTS


60 minutes

Art of food and flavors therapy


60 minutes

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