Rene Frey-Jennings

Rene Frey-Jennings

Clinical Supervisor | Counsellor

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Online Therapy


Each professional has a unique set of challenges...Reflective Professional Development (RPD) is professional support for Managers, Leaders, Teachers & Health Care Workers. My special interest is supporting professionals to develop insight within their role, to extend their capabilities and to create for themselves a more stress-free workplace environment. RPD provides an opportunity to talk with a fellow professional who can see your issues from an uninvolved perspective. It helps you to look more objectively at the way you relate to your work environment and those you work with. (Currently I am only taking Supervision/RPD clients as my therapy caseload is full.) Dealing with ethical matters, maintaining clear boundaries, managing stress, setting goals, recognising professional opportunities or handling seemingly irresolvable work issues can be challenging. Additionally, sometimes there are important relationship issues which may cause conflict and could benefit from an outside perspective. RPD helps to bring context to these kinds of matters. Working alongside you as a professional partner I strive to create a neutral, unbiased environment where you’re able to gain knowledge and insight. In this professional setting we’ll explore any behaviours which may be adding to your stress. We’ll aim for the ‘crux’ and get to the ‘nitty gritty’ by helping you see outside yourself and your situation. Ultimately, I support you in dealing with any potential difficulties before they develop into setbacks. Because everything you talk about is confidential, you're able to be completely honest without it affecting your position in the community, or your role and relationships within your work environment. RPD takes place on a monthly basis or meetings can be organised every second week for work situations which require more consistent support. If you’re interested in RPD as an ongoing means of professional development it can be funded through your organisation. I hold a Masters in Health Practice specialising in Advanced Psychotherapy & Clinical Supervision as well as a Graduate Certificate in Career Development, both through AUT University.


Master of Health Practice in Psychotherapy Practice (Advanced Psychotherapy & Clinical Supervision),AUT — Diploma Analytical Psychology,ATNZ — Diploma Depth Counselling,ATNZ — Diploma Relationship & Psychosexual Counselling,ATNZ — Diploma Yoga Teaching,IYTANZ — Graduate Certificate Career Development,AUT — Member of New Zealand Association of Counsellors


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visualisation, Neuro-psychotherapy, mindfulness, online therapy, person centred therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy


  • acceptance

  • anxiety

  • burnout

  • cross-cultural difficulties

  • depression

  • feeling stuck

  • gender and sexual identity

  • grief and loss

  • identity

  • life changes

  • loneliness and isolation

  • religion and spirituality

  • self esteem and confidence

  • stress

  • work-life balance

  • workplace issues

  • anger management

  • behavioural issues

  • bullying

  • career change

  • conflict management

  • crisis management

  • cross-culture relationships

  • death and dying

  • end of life

  • mental health and wellbeing

  • personal development

  • relationship issues

  • trauma

  • upbringing issues


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