Tanya Furstenburg

Tanya Furstenburg


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Tanya is a clinical psychologist with more than 20 years of experience working in the field. Currently, she works full-time at Attune Psychology, a private practice. Her interest and speciality lie in providing therapy and counselling to people with a wide range of difficulties, including the symptoms of serious mental illness, the effects of trauma, anxiety and depression and other everyday problems with change, grief or relationship difficulties. Tanya has a passion for the role that relationships play in overall well-being and works with couples and parents and their children in their relationship difficulties. Her experience in perinatal mental health means that she is well-equipped to support young families as they adjust to having a baby. She also specialises in helping with parent-baby bonding and attachment difficulties. A substantial part of her practice is dedicated to providing supervision to psychologists and other professionals. Tanya is registered with the New Zealand Psychologists Board and holds a HPCA Act Clinical Psychologist scope of practice. She is also a member of the New Zealand Psychological Society. Tanya is an ACC provider and can provide services under the Pain, Sensitive claims and Psychological Services contracts. Tanya is trained in a range of therapeutic interventions, including CBT, mindfulness-based, systemic and attachment-based approaches. She will adjust her intervention to what is most suitable for the person she is working with. She also relies strongly on feedback from her clients about what they are finding useful and how things can be adjusted to suit them better. Tanya trained in South Africa at the University of Pretoria. Following this training, she worked in various settings, including universities, correctional services and mental health facilities. Since relocating to New Zealand in 2004, she has worked in mental health, specifically maternal mental health. She has also supervised intern psychologists in both countries and has been an external examiner for Masters-level exams. Outside of work, Tanya enjoys spending time with her family. This includes George, her colleague and co-owner of Attune Psychology, their two busy teenage children and Max the spaniel. She loves painting, and when she isn’t in front of a canvas, you can find her on a mountain bike trying to keep up with the rest of the family.



Client Type

couples, adults

Therapy Type

psychodynamic psychotherapy, person centred therapy, narrative therapy, mindfulness, family systems, existential, emotion focused therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy (dbt), cognitive behavioural therapy (cbt), attachment theory


  • sexual intimacy

  • relationship issues

  • parenting

  • life changes

  • insecurities

  • grief

  • family issues

  • decreased libido

  • depression

  • coping issues

  • conflict management

  • communication skills

  • child behaviour and development

  • burnout

  • break up and divorce

  • attachment issues

  • anxiety

  • affairs


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