How to support your friends and family

Learn how to have supportive and difficult conversations

Being a support person can feel daunting unless you have the right tools to help you.

Your Support Person Wellbeing Plan will give you the guidance you need to talk to someone struggling with their mental health, including how to initiate these difficult conversations.

Learn how to tackle sensitive topics such as suicidal thoughts, abuse and more.

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Create a personal suicide safety plan

Be guided on how to create a personalised 7 step suicide safety plan together with the person you are supporting. This is an important resource for someone experiencing suicidal thoughts to easily follow.

This safety plan will include vital information such as crisis warning signs to look out for, ways for them to cope, and who they can ask for help from.

Don’t leave the burden of problem-solving on the individual when their ability to think clearly is impaired when they are distressed.

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Suicide safety plan

Access tools for your own self care

Being a support person can be extremely rewarding but it can also be challenging for your own mental wellbeing.

Your Support Person Wellbeing Plan will include helpful mindfulness tools such as breathing exercises, keeping track of your mood, and finding moments of gratitude.

You will learn wellbeing tips along the way to make sure you keep your cup full so that you can continue to be a source of support for the people in your life.

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